25 October 2011

Bambeanies Blog Tour & Giveaway

Sometime last August I had a pleasure of spending a whole day with Woolly; walking, talking, drinking beer, talking, book shopping and more talking. I knew she was finishing Bambeanies then and was really excited to see one of the proof copies of the book*. Leafing through its pages I was curious to know how she picked the patterns for the book, whether there was a plan to it or they just happened to fall into places as felt right for each yarn? And it was interesting to learn that the first criteria was to have a variety of crown shapings with a range of techniques close behind it. All of those techniques are conveniently gathered up in to a separate section at the front of the book. Everything you will need to perfectly finish a hat, from a particular cast-on method to I-cord and short rows with step by step instructions and illustrations.

But what about the hats themselves? There are 20 gorgeous designs in a range of sizes from a wee babe to a small adult. Whether you like knit and purl play, cables or bobbles there's something for everyone.
These are some of my favourites:

Nupkin - I think this one takes a particular kind of genius to create, such a clever use of variegated yarn

and Tripeak

But you know, while making hats (or anything else for that matter) for kids it would be much more helpful to ask them what they want to wear, right? And, so I did. Inevitably their choices were different from mine. We even went a step further and I had kids pick the yarns for their hats (trying hard not to influence their choices one way or another). The results are here***


and Queenie (lovingly named the bishop hat around here)

Already much loved and worn a good few times as the weather has turned rather cool recently.

Which brings us to the give-away. There is a print copy of Bambeanies heading my way to be passed to one of the commenters! All we would like to know is which hat your kid picks. Have them look at the photos, pick a favourite, and leave a comment letting us know which one. If you haven't got a kid on hand and would like to enter, you're welcome to leave a comment as well. You've got  until 31 October and the winner will be picked at random the next day*****. Good luck!

* apparently with a typo [gasp]
** there are even illustrations of crown shapings! at the end of each pattern to make things crystal clear
*** I won't bore you with the account of me screwing up Queenie's crown the first time because I didn't swatch****
**** because I knit a lot and just recently worked with that yarn I thought it'd be alright. But you might like to know that Woolly scolded me for that already and told me that I should know better and thus it was reknit properly.
***** you have to claim your winnings within a week after the draw.

ETA the comments for this post are now closed.
The winner is kjt - could you please contact me with your postal address so I can send you the book
The bad news is that kjt did not claim the book and although I tried to find kjt through various routs and websites, I couldn't do it. I run the random number generator again, which came up with 14 = Megan. Good news for Megan :)


  1. Nupkin is every ones favourite here! Just need enough hours to knit them.

  2. As an aunt to 5 young nieces and nephews, who live in three different countries, none of whom have knitting parents, the fun techniques and sheer variety of styles is perfect. The only input I get is measurements, and from there I get to choose what I think reflects their personalities best - so my choices would be Pixetta, Queenie, Quatra, Quynn and Bimple.

  3. 6yr old says Damsel and the 4yr old prefers Aurora. I like them all;-)

  4. My 4 year old duaghter loves Nupkin and my 2 year old like Quatra, for him it's the color and buttons.

    I like loopy.

    I love hat books. I make a lot of hats for kids. it's the best gift for all the nieces and nepthews.
    and has a quick turn over so keeps my attention.

  5. My 7 year old son had a difficult time choosing between Queenie and Quatra... but finally decided that he liked Queenie the best. He spent about 5 minutes looking at the hats!

  6. Sunirubel, that's interesting! I'm doing a little research on boyswear and accessories at the moment and every single one of that age group has a strong opinion about what they do/don't like. Although most of them aren't being asked to come shopping with their mums or even asked if there's anything in particular that they'd like to wear.

  7. My 20 year old loves Corby. We think my 7 year old neice will love Damsel, and I would like to to Bimple for my 1 year old grandson.

  8. Quatra and Tripeaks caught my eye. I am soon to be grandmother to a baby boy and SO love knitting hats!
    Thanks for the book giveaway opportunity.

  9. My 4 year old picks the polpo for himself, and the Tipper for his little brother. His in "red, all red, no other colour, but it could be different reds together" his little brothers in "blue with purple dots".

  10. My son hates hats, but I love them all!!! He hopefully will learn to love them as it is almost winter up here in Alaska!

  11. ooooh bimple would look soo cute on my almost 5-month old!!

  12. Nupkin for a niece and quatra for my little guy for the first knits. In time I'd knit them all.

  13. My youngest picked out Bimple...and I agree, I just love it! Thanks!

  14. My Daughter is asleep at the moment---
    but I know she would pick Queenie, and probably in that beautiful purple too.

    aiyakjt on rav

  15. My daughter picked Corby...possibly with a little hinting from Momma ;) She also loved Moochie! My son is only 5 months, so he said, "What's a hat?"

    gypsyjewel3 at hotmail dot com

  16. My son likes Beamish. Lots of cute patterns to pick from.

  17. Each one is amazing. Each one fits for a different personality. I asked my son who is 4 to choose one from the photos. He wanted Polpo and his friend, our neighbour’s girl about 4 chose Damsel, probably for the flowers. Now both want matching hats. Hats off to their opinions.

  18. I have been eyeing this collection for some time now... even have the wool for Nupkin. :)

  19. My son would love Beamish- he is not here to ask but I would love to make all of the hats as part of my quest to be barthelemow Cubbins

  20. I love the Queenie pattern and am thinking of making if for my nephew for Christmas. All the patterns are adorable - something for everyone

  21. My favorite is Beamish!

  22. Quatra is so cute and so is Emilia.

  23. I loved the Queenie - my 7 year-old son who loves playing chess sees the bishop in this hat!! He wants one in red!

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