25 September 2011

it looked so nice, I used it twice thrice

Yesterday night when I was at a friend's house for a fairwell party for another friend, she mentioned that she was looking forward to starting her Dash*. It took a moment to realise what she was talking about and it hit me that I completely forgot to mention my Dash beret here. 

After making the Gemini cardi for Interweave (now, a while ago) and falling in love with this stitch pattern so much, I had to implement the idea somewhere else. I love working with stocking stitch, which you can probably gather looking through the stuff I design. Its smooth face is perfect for playing with design elements and for adding wee details that create texture. Like this little purled dash that fashions in to interrupted concentric circles

all the way into the crown.

The yarn is Lorna's Laces semi variegated. I love the way its short repeat enhances the stitch pattern.

* really is the best compliment one could ever expect to get

PS There is a third dashed garment too, with a slightly different effect to the fabric although I can't show it just yet.

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