26 August 2011

My dirty secret

When I was 17 and just moved out of my mum and dad's house one of the things I did was start wearing all my tops inside out. Growing up in the house where everything had to be ironed and later folded or hang in the way that created the least number of creases this seemed very momentous at the time. And so the rebel in me cut off the labels and wore the tops, both T's and cardigans and all, inside out. I lasted for about a year, until I got it out of my system. It was strangely liberating.

A few days ago, when I was on my way to see the lovely Woolly Wormhead, I saw a girl on the tube wearing her Tee inside out. She was of around about the same age as I was when I was doing it. For a couple of seconds I wondered if it was done on purpose or not. But either way it put a smile on my face. Although I don't do it anymore, apart from when I'm at home and definitely know that I am not going out that day, I love exposed seams. Not the mock kind they put on the T-shirts now where you still have the real seams on the inside, but the perfectly finished ones. Those seams that are most often overlocked and are always stitched into the collar or the hem on their edges.

Later that day we got talking about finishing of your knitted garments*. And it occurred to me that although I weave in and join and kitchener and whatever other technique you would use to make the garments look perfect and seamless when I work for a magazine, if it comes down to the ones I wear myself I leave the ends hanging. Of course it's not always possible, with the woolly sweaters for example because those yarns can be felted together and it would be rather silly to leave the only two ends free: one at the hem and the other one at the collar. Silk and cotton on the other hand, especially the ones with good yardage on the ball are ideal to be my perfect imperfections. 

I still weave in the first end and the last, leaving all of the body ones to hang free. This way the right side looks impeccable and the wrong side is there to indulge that 17 year old me. 

*we don't always talk knitting, but it obviously is an unavoidable topic.

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