16 July 2011

off the needles

Even though last week I've been pretty busy hopping in excitement because of the book preview and freaking out that there's only one week left before kids break up for holidays because I'm pretty sure there's no way in hell I can tick all the points off my to-do list* before next week ends - I also managed to finish three things. I would love to say garments, but the third one is only a sock. Singular.

First up is the Ambrosia cardi from last summer's Interweave Knits. I am very pleased with the hook and eye tape finishing you can see there that I tea dyed to match the cardigan.

 Next is the Sherbet cardi from 2009 (I think) from, now seems to be defunct, Yarn Forward. 

 And last one up is the sock that's now only one stitch away from being in a naughty corner. Over the past three weeks it was knit and reknit at least twice from scratch. It was frogged and the number of stitches readjusted at least twice too. The needles keep coming out of the stitches, gauge chaning mid sock too much to comfortable with. It just doesn't want to work and I don't know why. To top all that, yesterday I asked husb to try the sock on, and it seems to be too tight. I took a deep breath and thought - fine, I am not reknitting the little sucker, I am going to make another one and keep them for myself. Then the second sock's leg just kind of happen to appear while I was watching a movie. After three weeks this is crazy fast. Heel. Gusset. I went to recount my stitches this morning while kids were swimming and alas! I'm a stitch short and I can't see where it could've been dropped at all. Oh, the drama.
*I am very much hoping dreaming to have both cardis out, republished, next week.

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  1. Yarn Forward is still going. It just rebranded itself for some bizarre reason. They are now KNIT Magazine. Other than that and a few layout changes, it remains the same magazine.


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