16 June 2011

Squeezing that ball harder

I was sitting and feeling very smug about my on going cardi last Monday. There was almost a whole ball of yarn left and because there is nothing else I could do with so much, yet so little of fingering weight I thought that longer sleeves would be a really good idea. Something like a 3/4 length. I like them so much better at that length. First sleeve was finished last night. I tried it on, the length was good. The ball got smaller and smaller and I wondered if I would have enough to finish the second one. You see where this is going, right?
But this yarn? It goes a really long way, so no big panic; I was knitting and still feeling smug. And just as I cast off the second sleeve this morning, it hit me: there's a whole Peter Pan collar left to do! Holy !@£$%^&*() How come it didn't occur to me earlier? Then I would've done the sleeves an inch shorter, or at least didn't cast off, or even better - worked the collar first. But then that would've been smart.
I think I'll still have a go at knitting the collar rather than tinking the sleeves tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can stretch the yarn even longer but it's off to the naughty corner till tonight. 

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  1. That has happened to me so many times, you think after you have been knitting a long time you would realize you have more pieces toknit before you alter something. Good luck,


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