10 June 2011

The book

I was bursting to tell the world, someone other than family and friends kind of world, about the exciting project the book I've been working on for nearly a year! Both working on it for nearly a year and sporadically bursting to tell about it for just as long. Like the times when yarn kept arriving at a rate frequent enough for the postman to remember my name, or when the first samples were finished, and the last ones. But being the sort of person who's afraid of getting excited about nearly anything; just in case it doesn't work out and I have my hopes up and don't want to be disappointed afterwards, it took me almost as long to convince myself that it is going ahead.
We are at that time where everything seems to finally fall into place: the garments are knitted up and finished, their patterns are at the tech editor's and out of my hands, I've got a few hundred photos to sift through; in moments that aren't filled with self doubt I start feeling excited about it again.
Since I tried to keep myself free of tight deadlines while finishing the samples for the book and pattern editing, now it feels odd not to have 2 or 3 or 4 sweaters on the needles with armholes or collars needing figuring out. So, I'm knitting myself a cardi in light linen/wool mix from one of my old patterns that was published in 2009. About time to republish methinks.


  1. What fabulous news. I am already looking forward to seeing what you have created.

  2. So exciting! Looking forward to hearing more about it.


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