24 March 2011

On my needles

For me this March would always be the month when 8 [EIGHT] sweaters were knitted and completed. It was overwhelming, but oddly, I felt in control. I wasn't lost in numbers, sizes and armhole choices; there's always have to be more than two to keep things interesting if you are going to work 8 patterns in a month. The hard bit? It was to let go of doing everything myself and get someone else do some of the knitting. But in turn it taught me to be very organised, to have everything triple checked before I send it off to be knitted, so we're ok.
This stripy baby is the last one of the lot I'm working on. And after that will be the bliss of only one deadline for April; and after that I can properly get out into the garden, if it's not too late for spring planting. Can't wait.

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