11 December 2010

the prototype

Things are settling down a little around here, the removals are booked, the house is being finished as I type, and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. We are moving in next week and the house is looking perfect, it's simple and non fussy and just the way I saw it when we walked through its front door few month ago. Dealing with stress might not be one of my strongest traits, but imagination? I have enough imagination for a small village. The builders were brilliant and extremely hard working through the whole process which took a lot of strain off.

I can't wait until we settle again. Only a couple more days left. But for now, meet my latest distresser - a little beret in Artesano Alpaca, because it knits up a dream and because if I am too stressed to think straight and screw up the ribbing - it doesn't really matter, it's only small and can be reknit easily.

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  1. looks comfy and cute,,, I am also on a knitting frenzy of hats.


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