15 November 2010

Latest designs

Latest Interweave Gifts had finally made it here last week, I was very lucky to have two designs in it, Soft Ridge hat and Short row flower. Both were intended to be quick projects and were so much fun to knit!

The Soft Ridge hat was knit in Lorna's Laces angora/wool mix that makes for a warm and an unbelievably light as a feather fabric you just want to dig your hands into. The design is simple and consists of concentric circles evenly spaced through the body, there is a tip to make them look seamless too.
One of my biggest knitting pet peeves is a small project that needs joining pieces together and makes for weaving in lots of ends. The Short row Flower as the name implies is shaped through short rows and is a quick, seamless project for any of your special yarns to be shown off.

Then there is an upcoming design in Interweave Knits, winter 2010 as well. The fitted Chevron sweater, named Plum flower, I imagine for its colour. The sweater is worked seamlessly from bottom up with the sleeves picked up and knitted towards cuffs. I tried something different while shaping sleeve caps this time, attempting to orchestrate the right balance of the depth with the decreases so that the sleeve doesn't have bulkiness often associated with set-in top down sleeves. I hope you like it!


  1. I was just looking at that magazine the other day at the bookstore, and the short row flower was one of the patterns that convinced me I need to buy it! It's so cute, and I'm looking forward to making it soon.

  2. The Soft-Ridged Hat is sooo adorable and the yarn you chose to work with looks so yummy. I also stay away from fiddly projects. :)


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