30 November 2010

knitting for warmth...

.. oddly enough, is something I haven't felt intimate with in a while, years in fact. Sure, I knit sweaters and socks and shawls and probably have enough hats for a football team, but here in England it doesn't really get that cold in the winter, not even in the North. Truth be told, I knit to try out new techniques, to see how yarn colour translates into fabric and sport hats and cardies that no one else will have. All changed about a week ago when the never ending snow coincided, very unfortunately, with a broken boiler. On a Saturday night.

The winter came early this year, it brought a lot of snow and obviously cold with it. The house got the cold, then it got colder still: taking your coat off indoors before you had a hot water bottle next to you became a bad idea; living in a rental we very much depend on people running the business and as the boiler decided to break on Saturday, late in the evening, there was no one in the offices to even take the help plea and humid air doesn't mix with snow very well. I didn't feel that cold since I was a student. The boiler got fixed, it's still not completely right and we have to switch it on manually, it dies at random times and never ignites from the first try and sometimes upto half an hour worth of them, but it works and I am so tired of dealing with the letting agency that I'd rather just let it be as it is as long as the house is warm [while quitely counting days until we get to move out]. Talking about warm, when it didn't look like the snow's going to stop falling after we already had a foot of it on the ground, I made kids these neck warmers. The thick wool made for a quick knit and being worked in the round both were finished in one evening ready to be worn for school.
Comfy and soft, kids don't have to worry about wrapping scarves and I don't have to worry about them being cold.

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