10 September 2010

Trellis socks - IK Weekend 2010

Have you seen the latest pattern I did for Interweave's Weekend 2010 issue? The Trellis socks. The pattern is written to fit both larger and smaller foot simply through using different weight yarn and needle size; originally I sized it up and down for a fine gauge sock yarn but when Eunny suggested we keep it simple and work only two pairs, each one in different weight yarn but essentially the same, I though it was a great idea. After a bit of swatching with different weights I picked those that gave us the correct tension for the average men's and average women's foot and knitted them keeping most of the pattern the same. You can see the photos that IK took over here where both sizes are modeled in one photo for comparison.
The stitch pattern is achieved by simple cabling through out the pattern and the only slightly tricky place is the crosshatching intersection where you'd need two cable needles even if you are usually cabling without them like me. If you like a bit of a cable challenge then it's the one for you, the result is worth it.


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