25 July 2010

Peasant blouse revisited

Oh, the time saved while not having the internet connection at hand; it was a real pain: a lot of thinking ahead, rediscovering Yellow Pages and pen and paper notes. I was almost overwhelmed to find the little light blinking on the router this morning, a whole 3 days earlier than we were promised, and spent most of the day browsing, some of it aimlessly and just because I can, again. I missed you, internet. The plus side of not having said internet connection was that I found time to knit something for myself. 
I wanted to make a version of Llani for myself ever since I finished writing up the girl’s one and having finally found the right yarn for the project I couldn’t put it away for any longer (whoa! it looks like it took me a few days short of a year to find time to knit one).

The construction and the main design's elements like the gathers around the neckline, that I am so in love with, and the stitch pattern of the trims are exactly the same as in the original, but some changes obviously had to be made and ratios tweaked to make it more practical and woman's figure friendly. I love it!

PS The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny cotton in Blackberry, one of their new colours. This is the second time I knit with skinny cotton and I absolutely love the lusrtrous, almost satin like fabric it produces in stocking stitch.

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