15 June 2010

Head band instructions

So, I managed to hurt my wrist a couple of days ago and was taking a break from anything that involves putting pressure on it; I have to say, it turns out that there's really not much you can do without a right wrist, but on the plus side there is plenty of time to learn one-handed typing and mouse manipulation and thus I have finally managed to put together the instructions for the head-band. There is something so satisfying about a nifty little project that can be accomplished in 5 seams with instant gratifying result. You only need a small piece of fabric and a few minutes to finish one of these.

You will need:
  • Fabric & matching thread
  • Wide elastic
  • Scissors, pins, measuring tape & safety pin
  1. Cut a rectangle of fabric about 16" (or a little shorter for a smaller head) long and 6" wide. In short, make it 1" wider than the finished band's width you're aiming for. Finish long edges by folding 1/4" inside twice and stitching close to fold.
  2. Cut a piece of elastic about 7" long and a piece of fabric that is 3x as wide and 1 1/2-2x as long for the back piece. (Long side of rectangle in #1 less 1" plus the length of the elastic should add up to your head circumference.) Fold in half lengthwise and sew along the long edge making sure the tube is wide enough to accommodate your elastic. Pull it right side out and insert the elastic into the casing using a large safety pin.
  3. Align elastic's free end with the casing's end and top stitch 1/4" away from the edge, like in the picture below to secure it. Keep the safety pin in at the opposite end for time being.
  4. Pull the other end of elastic out to align opposite ends and top stitch in the same manner as before. Your fabric should gather up slightly, like so:
  5. To join the two together, place the large rectangle with its right side facing you; fold the short end, to make a pleat, so that it is 3 times as wide as your cased elastic. My elastic measured 3/4" so that meant that the side had to measure 2 1/4".
  6. Place the cased elastic on top in the middle with wrong side towards you and wrap remaining fabric around it like a burrito:
  7. Sew across all layers.
  8. Repeat with the opposite side, making sure you reverse the pleat. Turn right side out and try it on.
If the band is too loose turn one of the sides inside out, wrapping the front part around your elastic as before and stitch further away from the edge. Trim excess.

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