23 May 2010

Interweave Knits Summer 2010 - Ambrosia cardi

The Interweave Knits' Summer issue made its way to my door step a couple of days weeks ago, I designed the Ambrosia Cardi (more photos & Rav link) for this issue and am super chuffed with the result and the photos they took and obviously very happy to have a big, grown-up, project in Interweave.
My favourite seamless top-down style, it is slightly fitted through vertical darts and ribbing at the waist, there is a little bit of cabling at the front and I-cord finishing to keep the edges neat.
Having a deep-ish neckline it's designed to be worn over a camisole or a dress underneath as a summer layering piece.

ETA but that's not to say that it can't be modified into a tee by raising the neckline as in this project that I bumped into on Ravelry, it looks fab this way.


  1. Beautiful pattern! I am actually on my 2nd row of it! Hoping that it turns out nice as it's my first sweater. Do you have somewhere here I can see what your abbreviations mean?

  2. Abbreviations in Interweave are at the end of the magazine in their Glossary section :-)

  3. I've had the magazine for a long time. I finally order the yarn for this project, it comes in the mail... Now I can't find the magazine any more! Any suggestions for getting this pattern?
    Thanks, and sorry for the silly questions

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  5. Hi Leslie, I'm afraid there isn't much I can do for you apart from directing to the IK back issues store. I will be releasing the pattern next summer on my website & Rav if you wanted to wait though. Hope this helps, K.


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