23 March 2010

Free pattern - Lace Cap & TWT interview

There is a new issue of Knitonthenet out with my pattern in it!

Designing this hat I was inspired by swimming caps of the early 1900s, that were part of very elaborate bathing suits women used to wear, although not very practical they were incredibly intricate and quite glamorous.

This was a very interesting design to work on, because of the way the hat was meant to be constructed. While most of the time my design process begins with a specific stitch pattern and shape, crown, all increases and decreases are worked around that stitch pattern; this time round I had a very clear idea of the hat's structure and what it was meant to look like long before I settled on the the stitch patterns for it, reverse engineering if you like. That's also the reason that it took much longer to arrive at the final product that I am so happy with. There are 3 different stitch pattern incorporated, pleats, concentric circles, drapey, beret-like, body and fitted brim. I hope you enjoy it!

photos (c) Knitonthenet.com

The second bit of news is that WoollyWormhead, a friend and a designer I greatly admire, will be stopping here for an interview about her new book, Twisted Woolly Toppers, next Thursday (April 1)!

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