20 February 2010

The violet-green shawl

ETA  for all those asking after the pattern, you can find it here !

When last year's Secret Santa* presented itself in a form of a gorgeous hank of Violet-Green I immediately knew what I wanted to knit with it. And I do mean immediately, the moment I unrapped the yarn and saw (as well as one can see in a dusky pub at night) all the luscious greens and the deepest sapphire blue imaginable it shouted to be a shawl.
A simple design that once the numbers were worked out didn't need any row counters or keeping an eye on the pattern. A very comforting, mindless kind of project that grew very quickly into a gorgeous little delicate shawl.

* While most Secret Santas are secret, we blurted out who got what for who due to too much excitement about 5 minutes after pulling our packets out of the bag. Thank you, Sophie!


  1. Beautiful! I have a skein that would look gorgeous as a shawl like that. Will you share your pattern?

  2. I'm so glad you liked it - she dyes beautifully and I thought that the colours would suit you. The shawl is beautiful!

  3. I second the first commenter. Please could you share your pattern. Your shawl is beautiful. Thank you!

  4. Thank you! I wasn't planning on writing a pattern because it was knitted on the fly, but I'll have a think about writing a *recipe* for it perhaps?

  5. Oh, please! Count me in on wanting this pattern. Gorgeous!

  6. Very nicely done. Please share your "recipe", with design challenged knitters
    like me.


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