14 December 2009

Some knitting to show

It's been an odd autumn/winter term, we went through probably every single seasonal ailment possible; I feel so drained most of the time and knitting has been slow going and mostly for publications, but I do have something to show. Last issue of Yarn Forward landed here about a week ago with one of my patterns in it.
The design is a simple one that's knit in one piece from bottom up with all the trims added on at the end and patch-pockets for all of their special treasures as a finishing touch. A perfect layering piece to throw over a top for just a tad of extra warmth and leaving their arms free, waistcoats work for any season.
Rowan's Purelife DK wool was an absolute pleasure to knit with. I do have a soft spot for knitting with pure wool and the moment I opened the package I was in my wool heaven, it smelt earthy and slightly sheep-y - it was gorgeous.


  1. It's pretty adorable. I also have a particular soft spot for the pattern in YF because the little boy modelling it has hair a lot like my youngest son's. Despite being quite butch in demeanour, he gets taken for a girl so often that I feel quite protective of the look!

  2. He is very angelic looking in the mag, isn't he? My son used to have curls, I am talking proper curls, ringlets all the way to his shoulders till he was about 3, I miss them a little :)

  3. Oh! so cute, both the vest and the model. I'm still looking for some good ideas of what to knit for my nephew who's turning three in just two months.


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