13 November 2009

Crop top and hats

A while ago, I am thinking it must be almost a year ago, I sent a hat to Interweave Knits and was so pleased (to say the least) to find out that it was going to be published in the magazine. I am very delighted to announce that it's been out for a couple of weeks now as part of the Holiday Gifts Issue of 2009 (link to bonus photos). The look that I wanted to achieve was one of spirals traveling from both left and right that merge in one of those
neverending twirly patterns you get with spiral art kits that kids can spend hours concentrating on. What are they called? I love the way it was photographed, showing off all that beautiful shapely rib pattern in all its glory. The yarn I used was Rowan Purelife Wool, that was perfect for the job - it's always a little worrying when you are waiting for the yarn to come, and hoping that it'll be close enough to the yarn you were planning for the project - it was soft, yet bouncy enough to carry on the pattern the way it is. Hmmm, I love pure wool!

In other news - last month I put together a Cabled Hat Collection (Ravelry link) which includes 6 hats - see below - that can be purchased on Ravelry if you are a member for time being. I am not going to be adding patterns for sale from my blog anymore as I am hoping to finish working on the website soon-ish from where there will be a separate link to the pattern shop that I think would be more convenient.


  1. Congratulations on the pattern in Interweave!

    Like the new haircut too :-)

  2. Interweave Knits eh?? Well done. And it looks a fabulous hat. I LOVE your new haircut too. Hope to see you at knitting soon :D


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