17 July 2009

Random Friday

Today is kids' last day at school and they are both very excited about the holidays; it's been a great year full of excitement, school trips, growing up, meeting new friends and teachers, learning to share and trying not to hold mum's hand when they spot their friends in the distance, it's been fun. Yesterday we went to meet Boy's new teacher in the Reception and he looked both so small in the classroom and so grown up that I could feel my heart squeeze. Can hardly believe it.
It's been the longest year in a while but we've got the whole summer holiday ahead of us, although it's been pouring down like mad since yesterday and doesn't feel summery at all at the moment. And it suits my mood so much.Knitting - this has been very sloooooow going lately, although I do have something to share for a change - a peasant style girls top. Knitted in DB silk, all over stocking stitch with some zigzag detail, perfect gathering around the neckline. In other words simple and elegant, just the way I like it. It still needs weaving in ends and blocking, and weather permitting I will photograph it properly over the weekend; but here is a little glimpse of what it looks like.Close up of a puffy sleeve that took a while to perfect.
And the last one to show is the yarn that arrived this week from New Lanark's online store. Pure wool heather mixtures in aran. Lovely tweedy looking yarn for a jumper.


  1. that is an adorable tee! the gathered sleeves and neckline are perfect.

  2. What a beautiful swearter. Have a lovely summer vacation. My kids go back to school in a month, I am excited and sad about that all at the same time.


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