6 May 2009


The Yarn Forward 14 preview is out, I have a piece in it. Heidi - a top down girls top with combination yoke and little puffy sleeves. I love the photo they took, as soon as I saw it I thought of Pippi Longstocking.

Photo (c) St Range Photography

When I was about 6, and before the world became so crazily child-safety-conscious, like it is now, we (I and my cousin) used to go and play in the yard/park nearby without any adult supervision. And I remember telling our grandma that we were going to the park and hiding our toys somewhere under the bench in the snow and going to the library instead. I honestly was convinced that we would be told off for that, going to the library I mean. I was very much into Astrid Lindgren books and my favourite one was Pippi Longstocking of course, I still love it.

Also, here is another look at Niamh. With the right side out!!

Photo (c) St Range Photography

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