14 September 2008

Heels and toes

The socks are lovely and I am enjoying working on them very much. So much in fact that I even took them along to show my friend how the heel turned and the cables are so perfect and dainty. 
I was never a fan of sock knitting and then when we were at Woolfest earlier this year I had this unexplainable urge to knit up some socks. This yarn was the second ball of the sock yarn I acquired there. Back then I had no idea about what pattern to use, not even whether it should be lace or cable or plain, I just left the yarn to sit in the bag and the idea cooked in my head for a couple of months until one day I woke up and had such a clear vision of what it should be like that I cast on right away and was eager to see the result the next day. It was going somewhat slowly to my liking; I am not used to sock knitting and because they look so small I always thought of them as a very quick project, but I have to remind myself that there are 70 odd stitches on the needles after all. 
Figure of 8 cast on for the toes and the pattern is based on a simple 3-stranded braid on the reverse stocking stitch background. Very close to finishing.

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