25 June 2008

Woolfest 2008

Let me hear you say yeeaah!

I am just a bit excited :-)

But first thing, first. I made two lots of jam yesterday, it turned out absolutely delicious. I used the same amount of berries and sugar so I could compare the results. The only difference is that I had to leave one lot soaking in sugar over night. My usual recipe starts at no.2 and is much quicker. Here it goes:

You will need:
900g/2lb of strawberries
1kg/2.2lb of jam sugar (the one with the pectin)
about 1Tsp of butter
5-10 drops of lemon juice
3-4 jam jars - sterilize by boiling for few minutes

1. Place strawberries and jam sugar in a bowl, give it a light stir to cover all of the berries in sugar and leave to soak over night. The berries should let the juices out and the sugar would be half dissolved and gooey. I usually start at no.2 without soaking the berries overnight.
2. I quite like my jam to be even texture, so I blend the berries with a hand blender or a potato masher until it resembles strawberry soup (here is an idea), but you can leave them as they are if you like.

Place the mixture in a pan over a low heat and let the sugar dissolve completely.  Add the butter and lemon juice. Bring it to the boil, reduce the heat and stand back - spitting jam is no joke :) Let it boil for 5 minutes stirring it occasionally. It's ready! Take it off the fire and pour in to the jars with a help of a ladle or a big spoon.

They look exactly the same, the pre-soaked berries recipe is on the left and my usual one is on the right. The jars on the left rock BTW, they are so easy to open and close and they look great too. As for the taste, strangely enough the pre-soaked berry jam turned out to be a little sweeter, but they both taste gorgeous. 

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