30 June 2008

Woolfest 2008 - 2

Woolfest was just brill. I had such fantastic time over the weekend. I also learnt that there is SO MUCH time in the day when you're away from the kids that one may think that wandering about for hours and sitting and just chatting  is actually a special art. 
We had a great time checking out different yarns and fibers, touching, sniffing, looking at the sheep and lamas.

P6270029 sheep2 sheep3
Teeswater and Wensleydale and plenty of other sheep that I am not sure what their breeds are.

Lamas, I thought they were alpacas at first but apparently they aren't.

There was a knitted sheep auction, animal display and sheep shearing display (no photos of those ones).

I've got some Opal for socks and Claudia taught me how to make a generic sock. I finished the first one on Saturday and this is the begging of the second sock. I love the colours. I was convinced that because you knit socks on such tiny needles your hands bound to hurt, which they didn't.
And to the rest of my purchases: I've got 100 grams of each kind (except the last one) hoping to work on smaller projects this winter.

Alpaca and BFL mix in beige, superfine alpaca and BFL mix in burgundy, 100% of superfine merino - from UK Alpaca Ltd
100% cotton in lime, tweed pure wool in blue-ish colour, pure wool in grey - from Knitting4Fun. I also got some nice square buttons from them.
Pure shetland wool in natural colour - from Woodpark Wool. I wanted to check it out for ages and now that I've got enough for a jumper, I am supper excited about working with with.

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