12 June 2008

Random Friday

I've been spending so much time in the garden lately, digging, planing, watering that my fingers are literally incrusted with dirt. I am enjoying it though. Here are some pretties from our garden.
Left to right: I am actually not sure what this flower is called, but it looks like it's from the Rosaseae family, the same one as strawberries. We've got the most gigantic poppy that I've ever seen, it is as big as two palms put together! And the last one is iris, which is quite late to blossom, but who am I to argue, and it is beautiful.

I've been playing with photos in photoshop bridge, it's absolutely great. Here is a panoramic shot of our garden, which is actually a merge of 5 photos. It's fantastic, you just take few photos and then the program merges them together, adjusts the levels, angles, perspective and probably something else. I can still see some seams but I love it.
This is my second gardening summer and I think I've done a pretty good job at it, considering that it was done from scratch. We probably could do with a lilac bush on the right to fill the space and some clematis on the left and at the back.

The cardi is going pretty fast.

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