8 May 2008

Smiling Serena

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Look what the postie brought me today, it's Spring YF with my very first knit/crochet pattern in YF. I would really like to say crochet, because that the knit part is very mindless - it doesn't count per se. More than that It's the first crochet thing I made in years, which made me even more excited about the project.

One note on the pattern - I made the cardie in size 38 and had it tried on by couple of friends that wear 38 and I have to tell you that the model in the magazine is nowhere near 38. If you were to make this in your size the cardigan would be slightly more fitted and the neck wouldn't be as big as it is on the picture.

And the magazine. I think it's the best one so far. I am absolutely in love with the front cover top by Julia Vaconsin and Spring Leaves top by Joan McGowan-Michael.

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  1. Hey, I can't wait to get my copy of the magazine. Your cardigan looks fantastic!!!


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