29 January 2008


Last week was all taken by swatching. In fact I did enough to cover my monthly allowance of it. I am not big on swatching; it’s more of an inconvenience for me that I have to do before I start the actual knitting. But as I didn’t have a clear view of what I wanted the fabric to look like, I started trying random patterns and before I knew it I swatched just under two balls of yarn worth of it.
First I wanted to do some sort of a cable patter, but it just didn't work. I tried cables, cables alternating with lace, lace cables and all sorts. Then I moved on to the knit and purl stitch patterns, and then.., well you see where it’s going. After about eleventeenth pattern I started to enjoy it in a way and experiment more, I learnt that I can follow lace without even looking at my notes, that I don’t particularly like knitting cables, but I like the look of them and that I spend too much time on the plain knit/purl variations for some reason. I think towards the end I was like a kid in a toy department, ‘oh, I like the look of this, and that, and that too’ and ‘I wonder what happens if cross those stitches’.

We have the winner of course - little butterflies, pretty and not too fiddly. I am off to knit, it should all move much quicker from this point.

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