6 December 2007


My hands are playing up again. The aches are not bad enough to keep me up at night, but bad enough to be aware of all the time and bad enough to start considering all sorts of crazy things.
So a little bird told me the other day that nettles, off all things, apparently help to relive arthritis pains… And who believes those old wives tales? I did my web-based research and found out that apparently nettle is full of serotonin, histamine, minerals and vitamins. And there WAS a research study conducted, actual university research that concluded that stinging nettle does relive arthritis pains but they have no idea how it works.
You guessed it right I did do it.

From left to right:
1. Nettles.
2. My innocent hand, that doesn’t even expect any cruel things that are about to happen to it.
3. Nettle stung hand, small blisters started to appear about a minute after that.
4. Bad bad bad blisters.

The nettles hurt like @£$%^&* Seriously. I also found out that the little leaves have more stingers in them (are they called stingers?) Now between 3) and 4) when the little white blisters turned in to those massive swollen ones surrounded by redness, can you see that the picture is all blurry? That is because by then my hands were shaking. I don’t take pain very well☺
About an hour later all the blisters disappeared, and it looked like I had a frost bite, there is also a constant tingling feeling, pretty much like when a gazillion of ants are crawling all over your hands and sinking their teeth in to your flesh at the same time (don't ask me how I know). And with every single movement the skin hurts, in a different kind of way to arthritis though.

On the positive note: fingers stopped clicking and snapping and there is no joint pain!!!!
But it huuuuuurts.

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  1. no pain no gain...let's hope this works for you!


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