14 December 2007


It's freezing up here and I am finally making the mittens that I wanted to do for ages now. Knit in a round and it's a real quickie, took me maybe an hour to it so far. Still have a thumb to finish, er.. and another mitten to knit. But I can say that they fit me perfectly and will go very well with the hat.
The dress that I was working on for friend's daughter is finished. Well, the bodice is finished and I am sending it to my friend to finish the skirt. This way I gather she will find the colour she'd really like, and I will have a bit more time for my knitting:) It' getting so hectic with all the xmas rush and all the things I wanted to, but realized that I probably won't have time after all.Here it is, I think I said it already, but if I didn't here it is: I changed the neck line, by k2tog and ssk in four places, so it wouldn't stick out. Otherwise there were no other changes to the pattern.

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