4 November 2007

Chevron Lace Beret

Chevron lace beret is available from Magknits.
The lace pattern is easy to memorise, however if you have never done any lace work before you’d have to keep an eye on the pattern as the number of stitches in repeats changes from round to round. The beret is absolutely gorgeous, and even though berets don’t particularly suit me I can’t keep my eyes of it.

ETA since Magknits is no longer available, you can download it directly from the pattern store.



  1. Thanks for the pattern, it's lovely! I bought some silky tweed tonite for it for a holiday gift.

  2. I just love beret. It seems lovely and unusual. I will definitely try it. Thanks for the pattern.

  3. hello!i just came across your blog and I love this beret.can I know where can I get the pattern for this particular beret?please let me know. thanks!


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