5 February 2016


FOLIOLE is the last of three patterns designed for Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts last year that I am now happy to offer as a PDF download on Ravelry and LoveKnitting.

28 January 2016

How to keep track of cast on stitches

 A tip of keeping track of cast on stitches

A tiny little trick I use to keep track of my cast on stitches because there's nothing worse than being short of a few stitches at the end of the first row of knitting. If you've miscounted a hat cast on, or a sleeve cuff that's only mildly annoying and can be quickly redone. But what about a 100 stitches of a top down collar or a couple of hundred of a bottom up body circumference? How about 300 or 400 on a shawl that's knitted from the edge up? 

25 January 2016


Sidereal shawl pattern on Ravelry

Shawls is one of my favourite things to knit. It's up there together with socks and hats, the projects that are fairly quick and instantly noticeable. They don't use up much yarn and, shawls in particular, are perfect for those precious skeins that want to be shown off. The Sidereal Shawl is a bit of new waters for me, as I've only designed one large shawl in the past! It was however, fun!

2 January 2016


Slip cable hat on Ravelry

I hope you've all had a good New Year's celebration! It's been a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to yet another knitterly year, full of design and new patterns. At the end of 2015 I decided to revamp one of my very first patterns – the Slip-Cable Hat. We have made a new sample and had the pattern re-edited and obviously arranged into the latest layout with new photographs.

29 December 2015


The end of December lull is hitting, always surprising, but similarly predictable around now. I've cast on two brand new knits on Boxing Day, joining in with Louise Scollay's (of the knitbrittish.net) #notaknitalong. 

Which was both fun and something to fill the time after all the hubbub of Xmas. We've still the New Year's celebration to go through, but I wanted to pop round to share one of the patterns that I cast on

16 December 2015

How to Shape a Star Toe - Sock Knitting

The star toe that Brixham sock uses is a variation on a round toe. The idea is that you divide the
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