6 April 2015

Ramandu for Yarn Stories

Please welcome, Ramandu, an open fronted cardigan designed with layering, wardrobe essentials and comfort in mind. Ramandu is knitted in three

1 April 2015

How to: Double and Multiple Yarn Overs

How to make Double and Multiple Yarn Overs.
Double or multiple yarn overs are very decorative in knitting, they create larger eyelets in lace and holes  that can be useful or purely ornamental in our fabric.

19 March 2015

Stepping Stones Shawl for Knit.Purl SS2015

Stepping Stones Shawl by Katya Frankel. Knit.Purl Magazine SS2015, InterweaveA couple of days before Edinburgh Yarn Festival I had an unexpected surprise land in my inbox. A pattern I submitted to Knit.Purl was chosen to be on the front cover of the magazine! I feel both lucky and privileged for it to have been picked to represent what you might expect to see in this issue and am still giddy with excitement :-)  
Stepping Stones began on the River Breamish at

18 March 2015

Edinburgh yarn festival

In a word, Edinburgh Yarn Festival was AMAZING!
It was the first festival where I actually was at a stall, spending the two days helping Yarn Garden selling our kits and my books, talking to knitters about what they like to work with and what they like to knit. I enjoyed every single bit of it and came back with so many design ideas!

Once again, pardon my blurry photos, I obviously never learn that the phone lens needs a good polish every now and then.

The festival was so well organised and incredibly busy, I feel that if it weren't for the Ca-baa-ret night I wouldn't have had enough time to catch up

10 March 2015


Numinous Shawl pattern by Katya Frankel

I'm on a bit of a stash cleansing/using-up spree. Nothing drastic, but I thought now is as good time as any to use up all the odd balls and skeins that were sitting in a box for a while. It seems that for somebody who doesn't have a stash problem I still have an insane amount of yarn that doesn't have a plan. These are mostly sock and lace skeins; as it turns out that's what I mostly magpie at shows and yarn shops. That's how Numinous was born,

5 March 2015


Astra was published last year in Knit Today's issue 97, and now that the rights have reverted back to me I'd love to offer it as a single download as well.

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